"Hapiness", what does this word mean to you? For some, it's a constant search to find out what their own "hapiness" is, for us, it is something that we strive to live out everyday. We LIVE HAPI and it's as simple as that. We will always take risks and keep elevating each day. With that said, our fearless captains have been at it again to bring to all of you Hapi 2.0.

It's been 5 years since we have been open! We are the only business in this location to make it over a year. We are HAPI to be here today, but instead of being okay how things "just are", we ask ourselves... What's next? What can we do to make us better and keep making people HAPI?  We believe there is no limit to our success and "Hapiness".

Hapi 2.0 was born to show our family and community that we will continue to always put our energy and time back into our home. We thank you all for your support to get us to where we are today. It is our turn to show you some love and hapiness! We bring you an updated menu full of our favorites, made with the best ingredients. It's been a family effort and taken long hours to bring you a menu we love and are proud of! We hope you like it too!

Can you also tell Hapifish has gotten a face lift? Justin has been busy with the bob cat moving concrete HIMSELF and Kiki has been gathering inspo and redesigning the new brand. They both have spent countless days/nights manifesting Hapi 2.0. This year is all about elevation! Call it spring cleaning at full force, because that is the only speed that these two operate at. We have elevated our landscaping, inside patio, service, presentation, food, and more.

Thank you again ENCI! We couldn't make this all happen without you. A bigger thanks to our captains who have done it again! Thanks for inspiring all of us to keep elevating and living HAPI!