Meet the captains of our HAPI ship, Justin and Kiki Masunaga. Born from a family of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs, and adventure-seekers; these two siblings make quite the duo.

Inspired by their adventures, the sea, and their love for good food and HAPI days.. Hapifish was born on April 4, 2011. Justin with his strong entrepreneurial spirit and Kiki with her creative talents pieced together a brand that is HAPI.  Hapifish isn't simply a restaurant, it is the breeding ground for opportunities. Our days here are filled with hapi vibes, inspiration, and our own meaning of "living HAPI"... which is a little different than most.

Here at Hapifish, we carve our own way and make our own rules. Nothing is ever out of reach or out of bounds. We will color outside of the lines and take risks that most would never think to. We will never stay the same and we will always keep growing. We owe our vision and HAPI-NESS to our captains, Justin and Kiki, who will continue to inspire and empower us all to do more and BE HAPI. THANK YOU CAPTAINS!